Tata Zest – Safety Features

Safety Features

Safety comes first. That’s why, the Zest comes loaded with an array of advanced safety features that put your mind at ease as you enjoy the drive.

  • Tata Zest – Ultrasonic Rear Park Sensors

    Ultrasonic rear park sensors

    Parking and reversing the car is now easier and safer with the accurate and sensitive ultrasonic rear park sensors. The touchscreen display gives a precise visual of the rear area, assisting the driver in reversing the car.

  • Tata Zest – Speed Sensing Auto Door Locks

    Speed sensing auto door locks

    Ensure the safety of every passenger with active speed-sensing auto door locks that instantly lock all doors as the car picks speed.

  • Tata Zest – Dual SRS Airbags

    Dual SRS airbags

    The dual SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) air bags enhance the safety of the driver and co-driver in the event of a frontal collision. With seatbelts in place, the airbags prevent the front occupants from striking hard surfaces, like dashboard, during an impact.

  • Tata Zest – Advanced 9th Gen ABS With EBD And Corner Stability Control

    Advanced 9th gen ABS with EBD and Corner Stability Control

    The new advanced ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic brake-force distribution) and CSC (Corner stability Control) ensures absolute safety in case of panic hard braking by sensing the wheel speed and prevents wheel lock-up during braking, thus maintaining directional control. CSC further enhances safety while negotiating tight corners.

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