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Discover how the stunning new Zest came into being.

  • Interior - Zest from Tata Motors


    A car and its owner have a unique relationship that is built on emotions. These emotions are brought out in the design of the Zest. Sketches of the Zest show a confident dynamism. This is the first realisation of the new design identity of Tata Motors. Even when the Zest is at rest, it reveals motion.

  • Interior - Zest from Tata Motors


    The colour harmony in the interiors of the Zest is beautiful and unique. Careful selection of the materials has paid off, making the entire interior a cocoon of premium design. When you step into the Zest, you feel like you're submerged in art.

  • Interior - Zest from Tata Motors


    We understand speed. And that’s just what the Zest is. 90PS of power, and a low-end torque of 140Nm from the 1.2L new Revotron engine are a revolution in performance. This is the result of over 3,00,000 hours of research and developmental testing. The Zest is built to push the envelope.

  • Interior - Zest from Tata Motors


    The Zest has undergone rigorous testing procedures. The Zest has been built to withstand extremes. We've put the Zest through temperatures ranging from -45° C to 55° C. The Zest has been on speed tracks, torture tracks, crash tests, and more. In short, it's a long list. The Zest excels everywhere and beats them all.

  • Interior - Zest from Tata Motors


    With the Zest, we're shifting the paradigm of car connectivity. It's natural for the Zest to have an automatic AC, but operating it with a touchscreen takes it to a new level. Operating your infotainment system by touch screen is good, but it gets better if you can do the same with your voice. Seamless smart phone integration means you won't have to drop calls while driving. Your Zest can send that "Sorry, I'm driving" message for you, and that's the next big thing. All this is made possible through an exclusively designed Harman™ system. The instrument console tells you information which is mind boggling, and communicates with your Zest. This is the next level of connectivity.

  • Interior - Zest from Tata Motors


    The Zest is a masterpiece of manufacturing, and attention to detail is important. 400 robots working in the weld shop have ensured precise output. There is no other car like the Zest in India, and it beats top notch international quality standards.

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